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Payroll administration

Maestro Payroll Outsourcing (Maestro) provides outsourced payroll administration services to businesses that do not support their own in-house payroll processing. Our services are designed to assist companies requiring weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll administration support. As our name “Maestro” implies, we are leaders in our field and distinguished by our experience in payroll processing. We deliver a cost-effective, accurate processing solution to our customers.
The outsourced service that we offer includes:

Payroll processing

Processing through VIP Payroll of full payroll function. This includes the processing of salaries, amendments thereto, leave paid out, severances, etc.


Payment processing

Administration of payments to your employees, discharge of employer responsibilities for payment on its behalf.
Administration of payments to 3rd party payroll-related service providers, including medical aid, pension and provident fund, etc. This entails discharge of payment responsibilities on behalf of the employer.


Leave administration

Maintenance of leave records and ensuring same are up to date at all times.


Payroll administration

3rd Party payroll-related administration and reconciliations.


Statutory compliance

We ensure that our clients meet all statutory payroll-related obligation to SARS, etc.

More details of these services are available on our Services page.

Technologies supported

The Sage VIP Payroll System (VIP) has been the leader in payroll software in South Africa for more than 30 years. It is our preferred payroll software and all payrolls processed by our team on behalf of our clients uses this software, unless otherwise requested. VIP is an accredited partner of The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and is embraced by South African business for its SARS compliance. Maestro is an accredited provider for VIP Payroll support. We also support PSIber payroll software.

Why outsource your payroll processing to our team?

Regulatory compliance is onerous for most small businesses, due to the sheer volume of compliance requirements and the timer required to satisfy these. Businesses with a responsible in-house resource for these matters, also experience loss of continuity in the event of loss or departure of that resource. By outsourcing your payroll to the experienced Maestro team, continuity is assured, as well as peace of mind that your payroll matters will be accurately taken care of, and regulatory compliance attained.
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Further compelling reasons are:

Improved management of overhead costs

  • Whilst large businesses possess the financial means to support the costs of an in-house payroll function, few small businesses can.
  • Appropriate internal control measures to assure payroll data integrity requires a time investment that could otherwise be elsewhere spent in the business.
  • Annual compliance events, such as bi-annual and annual SARS compliance require extensive reconciliation time.
  • The same time investment is required each month for routine payroll processing matters.

The Maestro Solution is levied on the basis of a per-payslip fee, subject to a minimum value. This allows for improved budgeting, cost management and allocation of time resources to building the business.

  • Better productivity of your team

An in-house payroll solution requires time from your team for monthly processing and SARS compliance matters

The Maestro Solution alleviates your team of this administrative and compliance burden, freeing up time to focus on your business and customers.

  • Improved accuracy, more peace of mind

Payroll mistakes have material consequences for your business cash flow, reputation, employee morale and compliance status.

The Maestro Solution guarantees financial restitution to our clients in the unlikely event of an error in the payroll administration performed by our team.

  • A reliable service

In-house payroll activities are only as dependable as your payroll team. If your team is impacted by employee illness or leave, your payroll completion is at risk.

The Maestro Solution is backed by our SLA. This ensures processing, output speed and quality are not affected by vacations or downtime, for any reason.

  • Technical expertise

In-house employees often do not have the experience to deal with complexities of remuneration calculations. In addition, any increase in the number of employees within your business could necessitate additional payroll staff, adding overhead costs to your business. Aside from the cost of additional payroll processing capability, the introduction of new employees adds risk to your business.

The Maestro Solution offers immediate and efficient support, since payroll is our core business and focus.

  • Payroll integrity

Peer pressure could result in your payroll team deviating from protocols, to the detriment of your business.

The Maestro Solution delivers a professional gate-keeping result. We ensure consistency and compliance with your company policies and procedures at all times.

  • Accountability

Even the most experienced employees will require ongoing training in payroll software, due to frequent updates to income tax rates, software upgrades, etc. This training is time consuming and until such time as your employees are proficient in the software, the risk of error is high.

The Maestro Solution boasts more than 30 years’ industry experience. We are industry leaders. Our clients have legal recourse protecting their interests in the event of any errors perpetrated by our team.

  • Fraud prevention

In-house payroll managers seldom have the time to closely supervise the payroll for fraud or abuse.

The Maestro Solution ensures that the appropriate internal control checks are in place to serve to alert clients if and when we suspect any fraud or abuse.

  • Confidentiality

Peer pressure with an in-house payroll system is subject to the risk of inappropriate disclosure of salary and other confidential information.

The Maestro Solution is developed by a team of payroll consultants extensively experienced in the handling of confidential information.