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Payroll Administrator

Key to the discharge of the payroll function is the reconciliation of third-party payroll obligations, and payments thereof. These third parties are important stakeholders in the payroll process and include entities such as medical aids, pension funds, provident funds, etc.

We are your payroll administrator

Each stakeholder supplies its customer, in this case you, with a monthly statement of liabilities originating from the payroll process. These statements require monthly reconciliation, query resolution and timely payment of amounts due. Whether your in-house payroll administrator is performing this reconciliation, or your payroll processing is outsourced, these responsibilities remain.

These third party and payroll-related reconciliations are performed by the Maestro Payroll Outsourcing team on behalf of our clients. We ensure that your payroll responsibilities to your payroll-related providers are:

  • Reconciled monthly
  • Paid on time
  • And free of ongoing unresolved disputes
Our clients soon discover that our objective as their outsourced payroll administrator is to ensure a start-to-end seamless payroll process. It is why many of our clients trust their payroll administration to our team of Maestro’s.

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