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Outsourced Payroll Processing

Our primary objective in delivering an outsourced payroll processing service is the on-time payment of our client’s employees. The service that we offer addresses every aspect of payments to employees, including deductions, leave taken or encashed as well as payments to third parties, such as pension or provident funds. The level of paperwork involved in payroll administration for the business owner performing this in-house is onerous. Because this is our business, we have streamlined processes in place to ensure outsourced payroll processing that we perform for our clients is efficient, accurate and reliable.

Service levels matter to us

Each client is protected by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), wherein our monthly, annual and other responsibilities are documented. This agreement details important tasks such as:

  • Due maintenance of client payroll information by collecting, calculating and entering all data required to produce a monthly or weekly payroll.
  • Ensuring that payroll records are maintained and are up to date.
  • Reporting on earnings, PAYE, deductions, leave, etc.
  • Determination of payroll liabilities, including employee net salaries as well as all payroll-related third-party payments.
  • Executing these payment responsibilities for you, ensuring timely payment of employee salaries as well as statutory payment obligations.
  • Resolution of payroll discrepancies, where necessary.
  • Supply of payroll information, payslips, other payroll information and servicing requests.
  • Ensuring payroll operations are ongoing and seamless, using industry standard VIP Payroll software.
  • Maintaining your employee confidence in the payroll process and preservation of payroll integrity by protecting your confidential information.
When dealing with Maestro Payroll Outsourcing, you will soon come to realize that we are an experienced and professional team of payroll administrators, with the experience, product knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently maintain your payroll, on your behalf. Our services are PoPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act compliant.

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