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VIP Payroll Software

VIP Payroll software remains the leading payroll software in South Africa and is a world class HR and payroll solutions software product. The product is owned and supported by The Sage Group plc. This software was developed locally and has been the payroll software leader for more than 30 years. Softline and Softline VIP are some of the former brand names of this software. With the acquisition thereof by The Sage Group, the brand was renamed Sage Pastel Payroll.

The Leader in Payroll Software

The Sage suite of software products is a local leader in business software and the brand continues to gain respect among business owners for its flexibility and edge over competing software products. Endorsed by SARS, the software consistently meets their requirements for legislative compliance, ensuring accurate determination of a company’s statutory obligations to SARS. This is only one of the many reasons why VIP is preferred by most leading businesses in South Africa for both in-house processing, and as a benchmark in selecting an outsourced payroll service provider. It is a core differentiator in our business to be a leading user in the software. VIP payroll support at a user level is not offered by the software owners, however.

VIP Payroll Support from our team

VIP Payroll is a flexible payroll software product and is suitable for companies of any size, whether a large corporate or a small business. Compliance requirements for companies are the same, irrespective of size, but for most small businesses, it is not practical to invest in acquiring the knowledge needed to effectively operate this software. Due to the process of annual updates in the software and sheer levels of complexity in operating software of this nature, support is frequently required, and this is where our team can support your business too.

Thanks to our experience in the software, we offer VIP payroll support to users of the software. We are able to assist with how to navigate the software and how to go about utilizing it for your payroll processing needs. Because we use this software on a day-to-day basis, we possess superior product knowledge – this expertise is available to assist you in operating the software correctly.


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